Jul 8, 2010

iN jB yOuh,,

i am in jb,,
dont know why am i being here,,
but,, it was so exciting,,
i love jb lifestyles,,
people are toooo sporting,,
even an old lady,,
who sells 'goreng pisang',,

i love jb,,
love jb soooo much,,
tomorrow i didnt go to school,,
what a happy situation,,
although i miss PJ period..
but i dont care,,
who care right,,??

bTw,, hoPefullY to hang out
with mY best friends in school,,
thE crAziEst 4gAma,,

worlD cUp,,??
alMost fOrget abOut it,,
yEah,, i vE knOw
tHat sPain wiLL wiN,,
(cOz i vE sPain jErsey,,)
jUz tHat is tHe reasOn,,

jUz thIs i wanNa wrIte,,
 mY poSt wiLL,,
be uPdateD  another 2 days,,
remembEr me iF i fOrgOt,,
 (^ O ^)

bUbye u aLL,,