Jul 21, 2010

cOz of her,,

i was walking with my fren(akbar sepet),,
we walk around the school happily,,
we were late in math moden class,,
but,, the teacher didnt mad at us,,
what a good situation,,

when we were walking back to the class,,
a boy ask me,,
'amar kau kelas mana,,??'
what a shock action,,
i didnt thought that he will ask me,,
politely and smile to me,,
i know he ask me coz of a girl,,
my classmate,,
the boy will be her BF,,
i like her long time ago,,
now i quite hate her,,
dont know why,,
let them be,,

then,, in my class,,
akbar was turn crazy by saying,,
the girl's name n looking at me,,
dont like it so much,,
but i know he was joking,,
i'm enjoying myself in school today,,

p/s: akbar sepet,, watch out u,,!!
this story juz like a fantasy story,,
n i hate the girl right now,,