May 21, 2010

new friends..!!

whAt a niCe dAy,,
i love to see her face,,
i love to talk to her,,
i love to hang out with her,,
i also love to take picture
with her,,
she love to smile,,
she love to eat,,
she love to have many friends,,
she also love to pose while taking picture,,

she always make me smile,,
she also always make me happy,,
so that,,
i love to be one of her frienDs,,
just friends,,
not more tHan thAt,,

hEr nAme is Yasmin Maisarah,,
sO nice hEr nAme,,

lOve to knOw her,,
we cOmpetE in sAme cOmpetitiOn,,
gud lUck to her n her school,,