May 3, 2010

kepUtusAn dRastiK!!

thE wOrse dAy fOr me,,
othEr pEople thiNk thAt i m a selfish,,
but i m ready for all tHAt fActs,,

sO thAt,
i m thiNking tO leavE my bElovEd persOn,,
fOr thEm whO are askIng me tO do it,,
uNtil nOw my hEart felT vEry and tHe veRy sAd,,
althOugh my hEart felt tHat,,
thIs deciSion wiLL make evErybOdy haPpy,,
i neEd sOmeonE riGht nOw,,
bUt i sacRifiCe all thAt foR thEm,,

nOthinG to saId,,
juZ my hEart wiLL gO on,,
nObody cOuld feel thE saDnesS,,
jUz me anD mE onLy,,
hOpefUlly mY besTfweNz,
(thE crAziEst 4gAma)
wiLL maKe mE haPpy,,
lUrvE u alL,,
kEba,laLa,khAlid,dilA,aiN s,tikA J,umMi,hAfiz,zekrie,,
anD sO on,,
fOr thOse whO hAd a sAme criSis likE me,,
thinK befOre tAke anY actiOn,,
jUz remEmbEr,
thEre alWays a Way tO sOlve a prOblEm,,

soRry if therE anY misTake in gRammer,,
i m alsO a stUdeNt,,
i dOnt knOw my feElinG riGht nOw,,
hAlf sAd hAlf SatisfiEd,,
jUz bE whO i aM,,